Power Tool Classes!!! EAT, LEARN, BUILD, ENJOY!


BIG NEWS!  BLUE EYE DIY IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  We are proud to now offer classes.  Over the last 20 years as a designer and furniture builder I have endlessly heard from my clients that they wished they could learn how to use power tools.  They wished they could find somewhere to create the projects they see online.  They wished there was a place they could go to ask someone questions about building furniture or carpentry that doesn’t feel intimidating.  Well now there is!  We are offering a series of classes that is casual, interactive and fun!


  • Invite a friend, date or just enjoy the company of the friendly people in the class.
  • Don’t worry about bringing anything. We supply it all!
  • Begin with coffee, dessert and a bit of socializing.
  • Learn the basics of a specific power tool that we supply, taught by an approachable expert in a hands on environment.
  • Build a project, taught step by step, using power tools!
  • GO HOME EMPOWERED! (With the project you made).

For a discount on our your first class use promo code FIRSTCLASS

Check out some pictures from our last class! SO MUCH FUN! #LIPSTICKMEETSSAWDUST

blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-02 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-01 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-02 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-03 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-04 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-05 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-06 img_0030 img_0099 img_0102 img_0104 img_0105

blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-peg-board-project-02-begginer blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-peg-board-project-begginer


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blue-eye-diy-coffee-piano-bar img_0124


2 thoughts on “Power Tool Classes!!! EAT, LEARN, BUILD, ENJOY!

  1. Letisha

    Hi Lisa, thank you for reaching out about our power tool classes. We currently don’t have any classes scheduled. We could offer a private class if you have enough interested participants. Feel free to contact us directly for more information.


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