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Returning the Favor With Mike Rowe! A DREAM COME TRUE!




Hi everyone! I’ve been bursting at the seams to tell you about this project that has been a secret up until now! The time has finally come that I can spill the proverbial beans about all the amazing details. This May I was approached by a television production company that was hired by Facebook. They were in the process of making a new television show called “Returning The Favor”. The concept of this show is to find fantastic individuals around the country who go the extra mile in their community by paying it forward and then find ways to reward them for their efforts. The premiere episode was shot here, in my very own town of Albuquerque! The first episode’s focus is on an outstanding 14 year old boy named Donovan. He and his mother were once homeless.  During that difficult time he learned how important a simple bar of soap is to many who suffer from homelessness. He used his experiences to start his own company making and selling soap. He uses a portion of the profits to make soap for donation to homeless shelters across the country. Last year alone he made and donated 10,000 bars of individual use soap!!! The purpose of the show is not only to highlight Donovan’s amazing story but also to make this boys dream of having his own brick and mortar soap shop come true. That is how I was unceremoniously inserted into the story.

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Multiple Personality Syndrome. SO FUN!

One of the many amazing aspects of my job is the people I get to work with. The variety of personalities and each individual design preferences is exciting and often personally inspiring!  Often my clients ask me what my personal design esthetic is. There are certain styles and items that I pick for my own home and office, but when I am with a client, it is all about them. I want them to have the space they would design if they were the designer.  When I am able to bring to life the ideas, hopes and feelings my clients have been desiring for their space, it is a dream come true for me.

One of the tools that I use to get my clients the design they want is a design board. After spending some time with them and finding out what their esthetic and preferences are, I put together a board with an inspiration image and some key pieces that they hopefully will feel is special and unique to them. I want to share a few of these with you just to give you an idea of how different (and fun!) each one is.  Perhaps you may even see a little bit of yourself in one of them.


World Traveler Dreamer


The Coolest Kid In School


Southwest Goes a Bit Modern



A Traditional Beauty


Renegade Industrial Office


A Warm White Washroom


Do you have a favorite?  

Power Tool Classes!!! EAT, LEARN, BUILD, ENJOY!


BIG NEWS!  BLUE EYE DIY IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  We are proud to now offer classes.  Over the last 20 years as a designer and furniture builder I have endlessly heard from my clients that they wished they could learn how to use power tools.  They wished they could find somewhere to create the projects they see online.  They wished there was a place they could go to ask someone questions about building furniture or carpentry that doesn’t feel intimidating.  Well now there is!  We are offering a series of classes that is casual, interactive and fun!


  • Invite a friend, date or just enjoy the company of the friendly people in the class.
  • Don’t worry about bringing anything. We supply it all!
  • Begin with coffee, dessert and a bit of socializing.
  • Learn the basics of a specific power tool that we supply, taught by an approachable expert in a hands on environment.
  • Build a project, taught step by step, using power tools!
  • GO HOME EMPOWERED! (With the project you made).

For a discount on our your first class use promo code FIRSTCLASS

Check out some pictures from our last class! SO MUCH FUN! #LIPSTICKMEETSSAWDUST

blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-02 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-01 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-02 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-03 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-04 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-05 blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-06 img_0030 img_0099 img_0102 img_0104 img_0105

blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-peg-board-project-02-begginer blue-eye-diy-class-fein-drill-peg-board-project-begginer


Our Shop

blue-eye-diy-coffee-piano-bar img_0124


THE BIG REVEAL! – Belle’s Pretty In Pink Boudoir!!!


Pretty in Pink

I hope you weren’t holding your breath for this reveal. Sheesh! I admit this ole’ girl has been a bit neglectful in the blogging department.  Thank you to everyone who has held on.

Just a quick reminder of how far we have come in this transformation. Below you see this room was a not quite the boudoir we were hoping for.


This was an especially rewarding project because I was able to work so closely with my daughter.  This make over wouldn’t have been completed had it not been for her hard work.

Pretty In Pink 05


Pretty in Pink 06


Pretty in Pink 17


Pretty in Pink 15


Pretty in Pink 11


Pretty In Pink 10


Pretty in Pink 08


Pretty in Pink 07

A DIY on how we built this amazing day bed out of old doors coming soon!

Photography care of Drew Schrimsher

One Room Challenge- Week 3- BELLE’S PRETTY IN PINK BOUDOIR!

One Room Challenge wk3

We have made a wee bit o’ progress in our boudoir transformation for the third week of this ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.  My daughter has diligently emptied her room of all her tween and high school teen decor to make room for her mature college design desires.  She took on the task of painting the new fresh color.  As you can see she takes her job VERY seriously!

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One Room Challenge- Pretty In Pink

One Room Challenge- Pretty In Pink Before

I must be crazy to take this on right now but, after last year’s experience with the One Room Challenge, I am hooked! My daughter has asked me to redesign her room. We originally designed her room based on her high school tastes. Now that she is a young adult and will likely be living at home while she is in college, she wants her room to reflect this latest chapter of her life.

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